School, Group and Community Programs

Demostration & Tasting Programs for Schools and Groups


Note from Caldwell Academy. Twice a month Chef Renea Myers has been transforming a Kindergarten classroom into a Young Culinary School as part of our Kindergarten enrichment program. Throughout the year our students learned about food groups, prepared and tasted delicious recipes, discovered how to properly wash fruits and vegetables, and enjoyed a variety of healthy foods. Chef Renea, thank you for sharing your passions and skills with our little ones! 

Invite one of our instructors to come to your school or group! The children will learn about fun and healthy eating, practice identifying fruits and vegetables, and then watch us prepare a recipe. Everyone enjoys a tasting!  A variety of program themes available from basic to adventurous!

$250 for demo and tasting program. Up to 50 children.

$325 for hands-on class, up to 20 kids.