My Journey with Food

My Journey with Food

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Renea Myers

Tasty greetings!   I am a southern mama and culinarian who has always had a love affair with food.  I love how it looks, how it tastes, how it magically evolves from a seemingly random list of ingredients, and most importantly I love how it brings smiles to the faces of those who enjoy it.  Food is the true universal language.

About Me

I was raised in a very “southern” family…. spending time on my grandfather’s farm learning the old fashioned ways of cooking, farming and sharing neighborly hospitality.  I learned to make biscuits from my Nannie Brintle, fried chicken from Mamaw Kathleen, cakes and pies from Mamaw Cobb, Banana Pudding and Fresh Coconut Cake from Mama.  I made my first “cut and paste” cookbook at age 9 and spent lots of time trying out new recipes for my Daddy who swore that everything I made was the “best he ever ate.”  (He still says that….. keeps the food rolling in).  As I got older, I dabbled with more sophisticated ingredients and cooking techniques.  Hence, my cooking style is very eclectic but not really complicated.

As a wife and mother, I expanded my recipe files and party planning endeavors.  I will host an event at any excuse!  My favorite thing about our house is the “party friendly” atmosphere.   I enjoy doing kids parties, family parties, holiday parties… if it involves food and people, I’m interested!

I have always enjoyed teaching and writing.   I spent many years as a trainer, writer and owner of a marketing and events firm in NC.

Today, I am harnessing those skills and taking my relationship with food and cooking to another level.  Since receiving formal education in Culinary Arts, I have been teaching cooking classes and loving it!  My cooking instruction repertoire includes private lessons, group classes, corporate programs and cooking parties.  I teach both kids and adults and am amazed every day at how a few tips and tricks of the trade can make all the difference to an aspiring cook.

Come along with me now on a culinary experience! Register for a cooking class or party for yourself, your company or your kids. I'd love to meet all you kitchen warriors.  We might just stir up an AHA moment for you….

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