Salty fall snack mix

fall snack mixSalty snack mix is fun any time of the year, but it’s a nice alternative to all the sweets floating around during October.  This snack mix is cute, quick and yummy!  I like to buy the snack mix ingredients separately so I can include exactly what I want and what I think the kiddos will like.  This particular mix has cheese balls, pretzels, Sun Chips, pretzel squares, popcorn, Cheese Nips and Goldfish.  I didn’t include any kind of nut product since it was for a school party, but I think mini peanut butter crackers and salted pumpkin seeds would be a good addition.  I got sturdy plastic snack bags from the craft store for bagging them up and closed them with mini clothespins for easier re-closing.  A glittery fall leaf sticker completes this simple little treat.


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