Eat your green beans!

We created Food Baseball at our house to teach my son about healthy eating.  Some foods are singles, some doubles, some outs and so on. He knows that many vegetables are home runs.   I’m amazed at how many people of all ages say they don’t like a lot of vegetables.  We know we should eat our veggies, but it’s just hard to get excited about bland, greasy, over-cooked, under-cooked, watery, freezer-burned or metallic-can-tasting veggies!  Yes you can hide them, disguise them or smother them casserole-style, but it’s also nice to have a few simple go-to vegetable recipes that just plain taste good. Here is one that is a hit with most anyone I serve, including the little ones.  Now go eat your veggies!

Home Run Green Beans

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