For the love of Muffins..

There is nothing my son and his various assortment of friends and cousins enjoy more than fresh, warm little muffins!  My son loves muffins so much that he actually requested Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins on his birthday instead of a cake!  The first time I served him a store-bought muffin when he was two, he said “No Mama.  That not muffin.”  Apparently, he had already developed a palate for homemade baked goods.  I like to make mini muffins because they are quick and kid-friendly.  People also seem to like a small morsel of indulgence sometimes as opposed to a regular sized muffin.  Besides, when eating mini muffins, you can sample several flavors.  I will often serve a variety tray of muffins that always includes these faves.

Chocolate Pumpkin Nut Bread or Mini Muffins

Lemon Mini Muffins

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