Gettin’ Close to that Cookie Time of Year!

I LOVE to make cookies. Always have.  One of the most fun aspects of the holiday season is making cookies!  My mom and I used to start weeks ahead of time making a different kind of cookie every couple of days.  We would look through a bunch of recipe books and mark those that looked good.  Of course, Daddy had to pick out a few.  (He always went for the ones with pictures).  We got into the habit of taking cookie requests from various members of the family so many of my recipes are marked as “someone’s favorite cookie.” After making our grocery runs we’d crank up the kitchen and go into full cookie mode. Normally one of us had to guard the freshly baked cookies from my dad long enough for them to cool  so we could whisk them safely into the freezer.  But then there was the day we came home and found him sitting in front of Oprah with a variety plate of cookies, looking a little guilty as we entered the living room.  Mom says, “I thought all those cookies were in the freezer?”  “They were!” he says.  After getting busted that one big time, Daddy took to sneaking frozen cookies one at a time in hopes that we wouldn’t notice.  We usually managed to save enough of them for cookie trays that we delivered to friends and neighbors.    I have continued my cookie tradition into married life, starting my cookie plans in November each year.  I try to mix in a few new ones each year along with everyone’s requested faves.  Cookies are great for swaps, gifts, office trays, family parties, or just snacking from the freezer.  So, now that you’re inspired, let’s talk cookie!   I’m going to start with two oldie but goodie recipes.  You’ve probably eaten these two your whole life and I’ll bet you still enjoy them.  You don’t really improve on simple perfection when it comes to these two old stand-bys.

No-Bake Peanut Oatmeal Cookies

Crisco Chocolate Chip Cookies

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