Good Ole’ Chicken Noodle Soup…

Sometimes, you just gotta stick to the basics.  You’ll be hard pressed to find many folks who don’t like chicken noodle soup, kids included.  If you’re a true Southerner like me, you’ll sprinkle in a few saltine crackers before going in for the slurp.  Cold January days inspire me to make soups and I do love experimenting with exotic and interesting hot concoctions.  But sometimes, I just want a quick comfort food lunch for family or friends and this is a winner.    You’ll notice that I don’t recommend boiling the chicken.  I think boiled chicken is just plain dry and gross unless it’s boiled as part of the stock-making process.  When a recipe calls for cooked chicken (especially white meat chicken), I bake it with olive oil, salt and pepper and then chop it up.

Note:  If you are not planning to eat the soup right away or think you’ll have a lot left over, cook the noodles separately and add with the chicken just before serving.  You don’t want noodles sitting around in hot broth getting soggy.

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