Ham and Navy Bean Soup… A Man’s soup!

It’s a culinary fact… some dishes are just more popular with men.  Ham & Navy Bean Soup is one of those.   Lots of women like it, but A LOT of men LOVE it.  It’s that stick to your ribs thing, I guess.  When I get a pot going at home and the smell fills the house, hubby’s eyes light up and he gets his bowl ready.  My dad and multiple friends also love this soup.  You know the best part??  It’s so easy!!  All you need is an afternoon for it to cook on its own.  Serve it up with some crusty buttered bread plus a salad and you’ve got a nice dinner for a crowd.  I have made this soup for many years, adapting it over time.   I honestly don’t know where the original recipe came from.  Fix it soon for the man in your life!

Ham and Navy Bean Soup

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