Lunch on a Stick

I have volunteered for lunch duty at school for several years now.  I am always shocked at how quickly the kids try to power through their lunch in order to get to the next recreation opportunity or social interlude.  I diligently pack my little one a hopefully interesting lunch with lots of little containers  and packets only to unzip the lunchbox at the end of the day to find some of it unopened, squashed, crushed and wasted.  So, I have decided to try and “contain” his lunch as much as possible, requiring less steps to eating in hopes of getting more into his belly while still adhering to his imagined time crunch.  Hence the idea of lunch on a stick.  If it’s on a stick, kids seem to eat it. With little plastic appetizer skewers,  I thread bite sized pieces of whatever I want him to eat and put them in a container.  Add some bread or crackers and maybe a fruit.    Voila!  Lunch on a stick!    The one pictured contains american cheese chunks, turkey pepperoni, cherry tomatoes and green olives, served with honey wheat Ritz crackers.  I know, olives are weird for kids but he loves them.    Try it with any assortment of ready-to-eat ingredients.  Those empty little skewers will make you smile!

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