Basic Cake Decorating tips to share.

If you’ve ever tried to decorate a cake, you know it’s challenging! It’s not my forte either, but I’m working on it.  Here are some tips I’ve learned that might help you too.

-My mom used to decorate cakes and one day I was worried about a mistake she made in the writing on the cake.  She said not to worry.  If you mess up your decoration or writing, just wait until it dries and gently remove it with a toothpick.  Do it again!  She then talked about her belief that, in life, there was very little that you messed up that couldn’t be fixed.  The Wilton class reinforced this mantra to me and also reminded me of a nice childhood memory.

-When icing a cake, keep crumbs out by always keeping the icing between your spatula and the cake.  Push the icing along towards the edge.

-To smooth a cake for writing and decorating, wait until the icing sets and then place a piece of parchment paper on top and sides, using your hand or spatula to smooth out the rough spots.  Remove parchment and voila!

-You can use the cupcake tips for other things like making swirly mashed potatoes or whipped cream.

-When decorating the edges of a cake, keep your elbow anchored to your side as much as possible for stability and turn the cake, squeeze, turn, squeeze, and so on.  Make the cake come to you.  It makes a huge difference and so much better than moving your arm around the cake.  Duh!

-When writing on a cake, use writing gel.  It’s much easier.  You can also write your message in clear gel first to be sure you get it right and then go over with color.

-Roll the decorator bag down on the sides before filling and then twist to close.  Much less messy this way.

-There is a special tool called a cake leveler that shaves off the top dome of the cake to make it level.  Of course, you should flip it upside down and use the flat bottom as the top. The leveler can also be used to torte a cake.

-Always use a cardboard cake round instead of a plate.  Makes doing the bottom so much easier!


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