Pumpkin Chocolate Nut Quick Bread

chocolate pumpkin nut breadThis autumn treat falls into my husband’s “Get this stuff out of the house before I eat it all” category.  Consequently, I make it, we gobble up a few pieces and then I slice it and wrap it for sharing at my next school meeting, work appointment or social gathering.  I love the smiles that spread around the room when I walk through the door with freshly baked treats.  It’s how I sprinkle a little stardust wherever I go and keep my hubby  (and myself) from doing that kitchen fly-by thing we do when there is something tempting on the counter.    So here it is.. a moist and delicious “totable” treat for you to sample and share.  I keep these ingredients on hand to have a quick go-to when I need to come up with a baked good for company, hostess gifts, or other gatherings.   You can also bake this into muffins, just increase temperature to 375 and decrease baking time (time depends on the size of your muffins).  My son and his friends like the muffins best, especially when I leave out the nuts and double the chocolate.



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