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Almond Joy Brownies are an easy treat for a busy weekend

I found this sweet little recipe recently in The Ultimate Shortcut Cookie Book.  I have found much simple success over the years by stirring stuff into brownie mix.  And most kids and husbands really like brownies!  My favorite brownie mix is Ghirardelli Chocolate Supreme.  It has a wonderful rich chocolate flavor and can be used whenever you need a basic brownie mix for a recipe.  If there are other wet ingredients included in the recipe, I just leave out the chocolate syrup packet that comes in the box.  Here are some tips for making brownies:

-Line the pan with foil with an inch or two over-hang
-Cool completely in the pan and then remove using the foil “handles”
-Carefully remove the brownies from the foil and place on a cutting board
-Use a small serrated knife or even a plastic knife to cut them
-Make small back and forth “sawing” motions to cut the brownies with the least amount of destruction.  If you slice through them in long strokes, the edges tend to tear and look ragged.

Here’s the Almond Joy Brownie recipe