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What to do with Cherry Tomatoes??

My son loves to garden with Daddy.  They enjoy mapping out the plan each year, choosing the seeds, planting, watering and harvesting.   One of our son’s favorite garden “candies” is cherry tomatoes.  Every couple of days, son and daddy present me with a fresh bowl of juicy red bounty.   We keep some on the counter and my little one pops a few in his mouth each time he walks by.  Fine by me since they are packed with vitamins and nutrients. What to do with all those Cherry Tomatoes???   How many salads can a person eat!  Here are two simple ideas.  I hope you’ll share some of your ideas in the comments section.

Slice them and layer on a BLT sandwich.  I used thick cut bacon, whole wheat toasted bread, olive oil mayo mixed with seasoned salt, and a hearty portion of organic baby spinach and mixed greens.  Add a side of fruit or pasta and you have a simple, tasty meal that puts a big dent in your cherry tomato stock.  

Another idea….. thread a few onto skewers, marinate and grill along with some tasty beef filet chunks or Asian Grilled Chicken.  This chicken recipe was shared by a friend and I love it!