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Much to do about Chicken….Recipes for Chicken Dijon and Coq au Vin

Coq au Vin
Chicken Dijon





OK this is a big one!  I’ve been working a lot with chicken lately and I have a new appreciation for how delicious it can be.  If you would like direction on how to cut up a whole chicken and then cook it in a couple of amazing ways. READ ON!  Process pictures included after the text directions and recipes.

Cutting up a chicken is a little intimidating at first but you’ll be amazed at how much easier it gets even the second time you try it.  Plus, you’ll get excited about all the money you’ll save.  Be sure to freeze the carcass for making stock later.

Once you’ve conquered that old bird, here are two delicious ways to cook it.  These recipes are adapted from Professional Cooking 7th Edition by Wayne Gisslen.  The Chicken with Dijon sauce is fairly simple and quick.  The Coq au Vin is a little more involved and takes a bit longer.. but worth it!  My son liked the purple-ish chicken pieces.

Take the chicken challenge and go cook for your family!

Chicken Dijon and Coq Au Vin