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Warm Chocolate Melting Cake is just heavenly!

We went on a Caribbean cruise last year and, of course, the food was a highlight!  There was one menu item that held special prominence, especially for my hubby.  It was the warm chocolate melting cake on the dinner dessert menu.  We were there for seven nights and big daddy had six of them!  Why only six, you might wonder?  We went to a specialty restaurant one evening and they didn’t serve it!  This man LOVED that dessert!  Admittedly, he wasn’t the only one.  Little man and Mama had their share as well.  After much searching, I found a recipe that is pretty darn close.  The key is to bake it just the right amount of time so that it’s cooked on the edges but not in the middle, hence the melting part.  I baked a test cake first to get the timing right before I screwed up the whole batch.  So go ahead and indulge a little.  Just pretend you’re on a cruise where you don’t count calories.

Warm Chocolate Melting Cake