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Russian Tea… one of my favorite winter treats

Smell is a powerful thing.  There are certain smells that transport me back in time the instant they hit my nose.  One of the smells that reminds me of winter days in my mother’s kitchen is Russian Tea.  It was usually made on holidays, but occasionally my mother would create a pot of this magical brew on a regular winter day.  As a child, I thought there must be something very special and complicated about Russian Tea.  After all, anything that tasted like all the winter holidays swirled together had to be elusive, right?  Turns out, it’s pretty simple to make this soul-warming treat, so don’t wait for a special day on the calendar.  Make it just because it’s cold outside and you are in the mood for something yummy.  Bonus:  It makes your kitchen smell amazing!  I don’t know how long leftover tea lasts in the fridge because it never hangs around more than a day or so.  Just too good.