Thick and Meaty Spaghetti

Spaghetti.. it can be bland cop-out dinner food or a slow-simmered pot of love.  I think my recipe is somewhere in the middle.  I also like this recipe because it’s a healthy version of a classic dish, using ground turkey and whole wheat pasta.  Your family will be so caught up in the flavors, they’ll never notice!  TIP:  to easily chop up the ground meat while it’s browning, use a potato masher.  ANOTHER TIP:  to get all the tomato paste out of that pesky little can, open both ends of the can, remove one cut-out end and use the other one to push out all the sauce.  Just be sure to catch the can end before it hits the pot!  AND ANOTHER TIP:  I like to crush dried herbs in a mortar and pestle. It’s a fun way for little ones to help out.

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