Once you bake the bacon, you’ll never go back.

I don’t really enjoy cooking breakfast.  There.. I said it!  I find traditional breakfast food somewhat boring and my brain doesn’t work all that well in the morning.  By the time I am awake enough to cook, it’s at least brunch time.  I used to have a dream of opening a Bed & Breakfast but soon realized the flaw in my thinking and realized that a Bed & Bagel doesn’t quite have the same appeal.   I am, however, happy to cook breakfast as an act of love for my bacon & egg lovin’ family.   The most dreaded part was always that hateful bacon!  I used to stand and babysit that grease-spitting main event as it wiggled and spewed all over my stove.  I could almost feel the 409 in my hands.  Not only was it messy, but it handcuffed me to the skillet until that last little piece was properly crispified.  But then I was visited by the Bacon Fairy in culinary school.  And she presented me with a sheet pan, a piece of parchment paper, plus a pound of bacon and pointed me towards the oven. No more skillet, no more grease-cicles  and no more half-hour cook time!

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees, spread the bacon out (not touching) on a parchment-lined sheet pan, stick it in the oven, set your timer for 17 minutes and then focus on the rest of your meal prep.   17 minutes is a good time to check it.  Thicker bacon takes longer and your preferred Crisp Factor may nudge your cook time one way or another.  Once the bacon comes out, immediately remove the pieces to a little stack of paper towels for blotting the grease.  You can also use a baking rack in the pan so the grease drains to the bottom, but then you have to wash the rack.  I just do it the paper towel way.  When the pan cools, simply wrap up the grease in the parchment paper, throw it in the garbage and put your pan away.   Ta da!!!

Now I still don’t LOVE cooking breakfast, but it’s almost effortless with my baked bacon.  Plus, I have a great way to prepare bacon for all those lunch sandwiches and wraps that I DO love to make!

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