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Straw-Melon Soup and Re-post of Chicken & Dumplings

During the first warm day of the year I decided to break out one of my favorite summertime recipes for a kids’ cooking class.  We whipped up some Straw-Melon Soup and the kids devoured it!  It tastes like Summer.  Sip some summer for yourself.    Also, I’m re-posting the Chicken & Dumplings recipe because I found a typo!  Use this one instead.

Straw-Melon Soup makes yummy use of leftover fruit

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned in culinary school is how to creatively use up leftover or extra food.  It’s really cool to open the door of my fridge and behold all those little containers of miscellaneous food from a few days ago and AHA!  I have an idea for something that will totally re-make the ingredients.

I bought a lot of fruit on sale last week and we have enjoyed having it as summer snacks and lunch add-ons.  But… today I realized I had a pretty big bowl of watermelon balls and a container of organic strawberries that needed a quick rescue.  Thinking back on some “use up” ideas from school, I decided to make a cold fruit soup.  WOW was it good!  Delicious and refreshing on this 90 degree day.  It tastes like strawberries and watermelon in the same perfect moment.  You could serve in a bowl with whipped cream, freeze into a popsicle or make a smoothie.  We pretty much finished it off with a spoon before it could be transformed into anything else.  You could change the ingredients in this soup to your taste or whatever leftover items are lurking in your fridge.

Strawmelon soup