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A couple of Easy Weeknight dinner ideas.. Chicken Parmigiana and Steak & Cheese Subs

Here are two of my go-to’s during a busy week.  Good, basic food that everyone in your family will most likely devour.

Chicken Parmigiana – what makes this so easy and tasty?  Shake ‘N Bake is the breading!  I serve over spaghetti with garlic toast.  Remember to drain spaghetti well before serving. A plate full of watery sauce run-off is not very appealing.  Conversely, don’t let drained spaghetti sit too long before adding to sauce.  You’ll get spaghetti glue!

Steak and Cheese Subs The secret to this delicious sandwich is the thinly-sliced London broil.  I use an electric knife to slice it diagonally. You can also freeze it a little to make slicing easier.