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Healthy Super Food Salad

I have recently been researching the so-called “super foods” for some of my kids’ culinary classes.  You know… those foods that pack a big nutritional punch, keep you healthy, fight disease and basically make you feel like a super hero.  (Or at least that’s how I pitch it to the kids.)  I created a salad and a dressing that uses a whole bunch of these super foods.  And it turned out pretty super delicious.  You can increase the proportions of those ingredients that you particularly like.  Have a SUPER time with this one.

Couscous Salad with Veggies and Herbs

This is the time of year that I get obsessed with salads.  And I don’t mean a pile of lettuce and bacon bits, I’m talking about creative, delicious salads made from interesting ingredients.  Black bean salads, kale salads, exotic fruit salads, watermelon salads, the list from the past goes on and on.  My current focus is couscous.  You know couscous, that tiny little wheat particle that tastes kind of like pasta and kind of like rice, but not orzo.  It makes a great base for all kinds of salads. Here is one that I think you’ll enjoy because it showcases lots of fresh spring and summer ingredients.  I would say 98% of people (including kids) who have tried this give it a thumbs up!

Turkey Taco Salad

My family has come to love ground turkey in a variety of dishes where I used to always use ground beef.  Tacos, spaghetti sauces, meatballs, chili… I particularly like this salad recipe because it used scratch-made taco seasoning instead of the processed stuff.  I think you’ll like the flavor and may find everything you need already in your spice rack.  Tip:  Heat your pan before adding turkey and onion.  Less sticking. If your turkey is just so lean that it sticks anyway, add a little bit of canola oil to get things moving.

Panzanella Salad your way

My friend Kris turned me on to Panzanella Salad based on an Ina Garten recipe she found.  I have modified Ina’s recipe to suit my own tastes and whatever happens to be residing in the fridge today.  You can substitute or add pretty much any fresh salad vegetable you like.  I keep leftover French and other breads in the freezer for making croutons and crostini.  This recipe is a good way to use some of that stockpile.  Just thaw on the counter before cubing. Enjoy!

Summer makes me think about Country Potato Salad

I think it’s fun to take food from my childhood and give the recipe a little twist of my own.  I have wonderful memories of my great-grandmother and then my mother making our family’s potato salad.  My Philadelphia-bred husband says it’s not really potato salad, but mashed potatoes with stuff in it.   I disagree with him in my subtle Southern way.   Here’s my version of the local classic.. you be the judge.

Country Picnic Potato Salad